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Are you still sending cards the old fashioned way?
Want to save more time?
What if we can help you send your greeting cards faster & for less money than you are spending now?
These are NOT eCards.
These are real greeting cards that have your custom message written inside in your handwriting with your signature on them!
We print your cards and mail them for you for less than the cost of a greeting card in a regular store!
Quality Greeting cards purchased in a store normally cost on average $3.00 each and you can get the cost down to about $2.00 if you buy in bulk and limit your choice of variety.
We can show you how to send your personalized greeting cards for less than $1.00 each! Each card includes your personal message in your handwriting with your signature, but you will never have to touch the card. We do all the busy work. We stuff the envelope, add postage and mail the card for you.
Sending a high quality personalized greeting card for less than a dollar and having us do the addressing, stamping and mailing for you may seem hard to believe. We understand and we would like the opportunity to let you send a card or two totally free on us, because seeing is believing. So just fill out our simple contact form and we will set up a free sample account for you. 
Corporate users can maximize the power of our greeting card system by creating automated campaigns that schedule cards to be sent out to customers on a prearranged basis. It's fast and easy, and extremely cost effective.  
If you are an individual user, please contact us and we will set up a special account that you can use anytime you like. You may specify the number of cards you wish to send, and the appropriate number of credits and postage will be added to your account anytime you like. We make it easy, so you can keep in touch!
This is a business opportunity where you have no inventory that you need to manage!
Using Greeting Cards is a also great way to market your own gift basket business.
Here are some interesting sales statistics on converting your prospects to clients:
It takes 12 contacts to make a client.
Contact #1 (50% of salespeople quit after making the first contact)
Contact #2 (65% of salespeople quit by this point)
Contact #3 (79.9% of salepeople have quit)
Contact #4 (89.8% of salespeople have quit. It is interesting to note,
    that at this point,   your prospect just begins to recognize your name)
Contact #5 (you are becoming a factor in the prospect's mind)
Contact #6 (slowly, they are getting to know you)
Contact #7 (You are earning Top of Mind Awareness)
Contact #8 (At this point, you may be the only person to ever have
    made 8 contacts with this customer)
Contact #9 (At this point, when your prospect is ready to buy, you
    have a 90% chance of being called)
By Contact #12, you have an 'Irresistible Relationship'
 (This study was done by Jim Cecil of The James P. Cecil Company)
Ideally, you would use 4 different media in making those contacts. Which means you may make a phone call, send a card, send an email,
meet in person, send an advertising specialty or gift, etc.
This program can help you make those contacts.  You can either choose from over 2500 greeting cards designs, or you can create your own greeting card online, with your logo, your graphics, and your own handwriting. 
These are real cards, that get mailed, with a real stamp.  You can import your prospect list into the program, create a greeting card campaign, and automate the process.  
You can set up a campaign so that greeting card #1 with your message and your look is sent out as soon as you enter the prospect's contact info.  Then,  you can set it up to where greeting card #2 is sent out 10 days later, and  greeting card #3 is sent out 1 month after that.  All of this is automated, and it will help you stay in touch with your prospects.
And... it is only $1 per card plus postage!  You just can't beat that.  

Not only can you use greeting cards as part of your gift basket marketing program, but you can also offer this service to your clients.   You and your clients will enjoy a web based contact management system and automated greeting card service, to send out REAL greeting cards!

Offering a greeting card service can be a wonderful and lucrative addition to your gift basket business.




  1. Real Greeting Cards
  2. With a real postage stamp & envelope
  3. Your personalized message inside
  4. Printed in your handwriting with your signature
  5. For less than $1.00 per card!

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